product photoTear Duct OccluderTM is an FDA approved Rx only device which is intended to temporarily occlude the nasolacrimal ducts in adult patients to help reduce outflow through the nasolacrimal ducts. Federal law restricts this device to sell by or on the order of a licensed eye care professional.

The primary users of this device would be glaucoma and dry-eye patients for it is the only non-invasive device that can keep eyedrops in your eyes and prevent bitter aftertaste from eyedrops. For detail safety and prescribing information, see Tear Duct Occluder Labeling.  Ask your licensed eye care professional to determine if Tear Duct OccluderTM is right for you. Read more on our product brochure.

FDA Approval Regulation Number: 21 CFR 886.5838

U.S. Patent 8147467
Made in U.S.A.